Starting NPC Ziola
Requirements The Origin of the Universe Completed
Repeatable No
Rewards 15163EXP
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The Origin of the Universe

Walkthrough Edit

  • Speak to Ziola in Pokari
  • Go to Map Keeper Ming and take a Hunter's Crypt Map (Quest Item)
  • Talk to Dipatcher Chun near the Teleporter in Pokari
  • OR: You can skip aquiring the map from Ming and speak to Swordkeeper Kash instead.
  • Enter the Hunter's Crypt
  • Kill:
  • Baahu Magebane (Baahu Paw Print, third cave, lvl. 18-19 alone)
  • Buffalero Magistrate (Buffalero Horn, second cave, party recommended
  • Blackbear Soverign (Blackbear Teeth, first cave, lvl. 19-19 alone)
  • Talk to Ziola again to complete the quest
  • Additional Items: See Guide In-Game